The visiting artist residency program provides emerging and established artists time, space and support to experiment and develop a new body of work in a creative supportive environment located in Chattanooga.

Each season, an artist is selected to participate in the 1-month program. Artists are provided room, a studio with basic amenities, available studio assistance, and access to some basic tools.  At the conclusion of the program, the resident will give a lecture and exhibit their work.

What we Provide:

A studio space to work

We strive to provide the artist with the best possible studio space we can find: close to the gallery, well-lit, and with 24 hour access. Our last resident used the gallery as a studio space, and that worked out beautifully. Depending on what may be available, the studio may change from resident to resident.

Depending on your needs, we may be able to secure the proper tools to make your work happen (for example, there is the Open Press that has printmaking presses). For more in-detail answers to what resources are available and connections we have, please contact us.


Our staff are practicing artists with degrees in Fine Art, equipped with knowledge about the tools & facilities available on-site and the Chattanooga area, including restaurants, hardware stores, art supply shops, and local galleries & studios.

Gallery Exhibition

The residency program will culminate in an exhibition displaying the work and efforts of the visiting artist during the program. The event will be publicly advertised and will provide networking opportunities for the artist to meet with leaders and professionals of Chattanooga’s arts community.


As practicing artists we know the value of good documentation of process, events, and the art itself. We will provide documentation of the exhibition, community events, process, and studio practice. In addition, we will film a short exit interview segment about the artist/residency experience.

Potential Room/Board

There is potential for the resident to be housed with a local Chattanoogan. This feature is contingent upon room availability and a series of interviews with the applicant. This is not a guaranteed provision. We are fortunate to have these spaces available for residents on a volunteer basis. These are the homes of vetted friends and supporters; disrespect will not be tolerated. This will be discussed further in detail during the application and acceptance processes. In the past we have partnered with En Root House for a special discount price for the month. We will keep applicants updated about housing options as we move forward

What the Artist must provide:


We are constantly working to make this program happen with as little cost to the artist as possible; this includes fundraising, grants, and other financial initiatives to provide everything we can. However, at this time we are unable  to provide an honorarium to cover the costs of food, materials/supplies/additional tools, nor travel expenses to and from Chattanooga. We plan to provide more as the program develops.

We estimate food to cost approximately $100/week($400 for the month); this will vary from resident to resident based on their needs, wants, and lifestyle.

The average cost of a round-trip flight is $300-400; once the resident has been selected we will be in contact to determine the best dates/itineraries to minimize cost to the artist. This may include flying into Nashville or Atlanta and having a staff member provide travel to/from the airport.

Community Outreach

An important aspect of hosting a visiting artist is is engaging with the community. This can take shape in many ways, including lectures, workshops, and studio visits, and can vary depending on the nature and process of the work. Please be prepared to give a lecture about you, your work, your experience at the residency, and/or your project for the opening reception at the end of the residency. Other forms of outreach will be decided upon once you have been selected.

The founding of ARC:

ARC was collaboratively conceived by Aaron Cowan & Adam Kirby in 2015; Local artists in the Chattanooga area, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga BFA graduates, and passionate advocates of the arts. They have both continued to work with and support UTC and the Fine Arts program as alumni, worked with local arts initiatives including Apothecary, FLAG, the Chattanooga Film Festival, Zinefest, Flashlight Shows, and the Chattanooga Comix Co-op, and demonstrated insight and experience in the arts. Through this and other efforts they are working to make Chattanooga an arts destination and cultural hub.

Contact Us:

In addition to this contact form, you can reach us directly at info (at) arcresidency (dot) com or 423 – 521 – 5753