When do we accept applications?
The residency has 4 open calls every year for 2 months; Applications are due at the end of the 2nd month. We’re gearing up for our next deadline! Stay tuned.

What materials and information will I need to apply?
See Here!

What kinds of projects can I propose?
Proposals will be considered from artists engaged in a variety of practices (such as the visual, performance, and sound arts as well as trans-disciplinary practices) working in any and all media. The program is designed for the artist’s needs: whether that’s the creation of a new body of work; experimentation with new materials or ideas; a sabbatical getaway to inspire new ideas or work; or the opportunity to visit a new place and meet new people to refresh and revitalize the studio practice.

We do expect community outreach in the form of workshops, lectures, and/or studio visits. We also expect an exhibition at the end of the residency–this can feature work made during the residency or previously created work. Have a question about what you can or can’t do? Contact us!

How much does the residency program cost?
You can find more information about what you may need to provide here.
There is a non-refundable $25 application fee . You will also need to provide your travel to Chattanooga, food for the month, potentially residence, as well as any tools/materials/supplies you may need.

This program has been built from our sweat and blood; currently, we receive no reimbursement for our time and are doing this as passionate artists who want to broaden their hometown’s scope of arts opportunities and education. As such, your application fee represents your serious position and dedication in wanting to attend and support our efforts.

When are residency fees due? 
Application fees are due by the application deadline. The artist will be responsible for signing and returning their residency contract. There are NO REFUNDS.

When would I move in?
Residents move in at the beginning of the designated month, and the exhibition opens at the end of that month.

How many artists are in residence each month?
We are just getting our program started; until we develop more studio space and resources to host multiple artists simultaneously, we can only accommodate one resident at a time. .

What should I bring?
• Art supplies – depending on your proposal, you may want to bring any special materials or tools that are integral to your outline you have on hand. Art Creations is an art supply store downtown and across the river, about a 10 minute bike ride away from the studio; there is also Townsend Atelier near MLK boulevard inside of ArtsBuild, also within biking distance.
• Special food – if you have special dietary needs, please bring these things with you as the grocery store may not have them.
• Weather appropriate clothing and shoes – check the local weather before packing!
• Toiletries, medicine, vitamins, prescriptions.  There is a Walgreen’s near the art supply store.

What should I NOT bring?
Pets, your TV, toxic materials, anything illegal…

You didn’t answer my question!
This page is a work in progress; any questions, comments, concerns, can be directed here.